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Why did I write a children's book?

The short answer is - I wanted to create something tangible, that I could be proud of, point to & say I did that. And most importantly I wanted to know if I could.

I have idea's, lot's of ideas, a steady stream of consciousness that constantly fills my mind. And as a serial procrastinator I'm an expert at latching on to those ideas, validating them & building elaborate plans over several hours after which I'll drop it and move on to the next thing.

One day watching my son play with the box for whatever less interesting toy we had bought him, I thought of the idea for The Imagination Box.

An hour later I still thought it was a good idea, and an hour after that when I started looking for more idea's and tried to talk myself out of it, I said "No that's it! you're doing it"

It's a solid idea, you have a plan, now go to work out how to write & publish a book.

You can learn how to do anything on the internet these days. After weeks of watching YouTube videos (Shout out to Bethany Atazadeh you were a big help!) I knew all the basics on how to write a book, setup a business and self publish, it was an incredibly steep learning curve, there are so many great resources out there to help.

In total it took me about 18 months from start to finish & one month out for my book launch (albeit an ISO-book launch) I couldn't be happier. No-mater the reception I'll always be happy that I made it happen.

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